EU3 FIBERGLASS Exhaust Filter


This product is made up of continuous mono-filament fibreglass and it is progressively denser from the inlet side to the outlet side when installed.

It is used in quality paint filtration of surface coating with a high rate of particle capture and have a good life expectancy.

The inlet side is green and the outlet side is white. It has a good interlinked structure to ensure its stability. This ensures that the filter media does not become loose, scattered and can store more overspray and dust.


  • Continuous mono-filament fibreglass
  • High particle capturing
  • Long-life cycle
  • Certified to DIN53438-F1
  • Temperature resistance to 170 degrees C
  • Floor or wall mounted
  • Used to stop overspray paint mist


  • PA-50 (75MM thick)
  • Temperature resistance: 170 degrees C
  • Confirming to the European DIN53438-F1
  • The average overspray capturing rate: 93-97%