USA Paint Pocket Polyester Exhaust Filter


The PAINT POCKET exhaust filter has a holding capacity of up to 30kg per square meter and due to the design, will not tear or sag. Using PAINT POCKET exhaust filter will be cost effective slashing waste costs due to longer life of the filter and labour costs associated with maintaining the equipment decreasing.


  • Specially designed for Industry
  • Longer life means cost effective
  • Retains more overspray than opposing filters
  • High heat resistance


  • Overall Efficiency: 99.43%
  • Particular Efficiency
  • 20 microns: 100.00%
  • Holding Capacity: Up to 30kg/sq mtr
  • Maximum Tested Air Velocity: 700 FPM
  • Initial Pressure Drop (@100 FPM): 0.04 in W.C.
  • Maximum Pressure Drop: 1.00 in W.C.
  • Flammability Rating: UL Class II
  • Filter Construction: High Loft, Multi-Ply, Non-woven